Antique scents and old dutch braised scents are the specialty of De Opkamer. The antique scents are available in two colors: red scents and blue gray scents. In coal-fired ring ovens, the antique scents were baked at high temperature from clay. By using different types of clay the beautiful red-orange color nuance was created which is typical of these old antique Dutch tiles. They are also called antique terracotta tiles. By extracting 800 degrees of oxygen from the baking process and adding extra coal, the red terracotta tiles were smothered. Because of this throttling process, the antique farmers' paving houses got a blue-gray color. These gray scents are also better known as old Dutch blue braised scents. These antique old-Dutch scones, however, have become so rare that we sometimes have limited stock. In Belgium these terracotta tiles are also known as blue braised Boom tiles or old black Boom tiles. Currently more than 300m2 in stock.