Burgundian Dalles

French limestone
Burgundian dalles is a collective name of natural stone floor tiles made of French limestone and extracted from different quarries in France. The limestone floors are also called Pierre de Bourgogne. French limestone is a beautiful and warm natural stone that was already used for cutting down floors and antique fireplaces. The old French limestone floors were formerly hand-cut and often also bush-hammered and finned. These historic floors are currently very exclusive and are called old Burgundian dalles. Nowadays large blocks of limestone are mined from the quarries and sawn into sheets of 2 cm or 3 cm thickness. The French limestone slabs are then sawn into tiles in any desired size.

For 20 years we have been traveling around France for searching the stone quarries with the most beautiful French limestone. We are therefore proud of our collection of Burgundian dalles that are exhibited in our showroom. We can supply our Burgundian dales in various colors, sizes and finishes. The finish of our French dalles can vary from a tightly brushed surface to a valley with a manually outdated finish that has the character of an antique French Burgundian valley. Burgundy shades gives a natural warm and authentic look to your home and provide atmosphere within an interior. The longer Burgundian dalles are in your home, the better they become ....