Are you looking for an impressive Antique Fireplace?

Explore our exquisite collection of antique fireplaces sourced from across Europe, spanning the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Our diverse range includes styles like Louis XIII, Renaissance, and Gothic fireplaces, all meticulously crafted from authentic French limestone. Each mantelpiece boasts perfect proportions and exudes the rustic charm of the French countryside. With worldwide shipping and secure packing, you can effortlessly make these timeless chimneypieces the focal point of your space. Discover the authenticity and elegance of our antique fireplace mantels, each a piece of history waiting to enhance your interior.

De Opkamer is the correct address for you! For years we have a beautiful range of XXL fireplaces. You can recognize a real castle chimney by its size. These are large, wide fireplaces that are robust and stately and have a nostalgic appearance. You can also find our range of antique XXL mantelpieces on our website! If you are interested in one of our fireplaces, please contact us and ask for the possibilities.

Looking for an antique XXL mantelpiece? De Opkamer is happy to help you. For more information about the possibilities, call: (0031) 162 681522 or mail to

Do you want to buy an authentic XXL fireplace?

In the past, homes were mainly heated by means of a fireplace. Some houses adorned this fireplace with a beautiful fireplace. Today, the antique XXL chimney is something that creates more space and atmosphere in a room. De Opkamer offers various fireplaces: 

The chimneys were formerly often made of limestone that was available in the area. Limestone was certainly a widely used natural stone. De Opkamer offers fireplaces in different styles, from Gothic styles to a Renaissance style or late 18th century style. All these fireplaces has real authenticity and add a lot of atmosphere to a living room.

About De Opkamer
De Opkamer has been around since 2000. We are an organization that supplies antique marble fireplaces, natural stone floors and other building antiques. In our industry, we have now an established name. Behind the scenes, a passionate team of skilled employees is active to serve you with our expertise. Come and visit us in our showroom in Made! 

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Are you interested in an antique castle fireplace? Feel free to contact us and ask for the possibilities. You can call us at (0031) 162 681522 or mail to: