Who are we?

De Opkamer was founded in 2000 by Michel and Carola and is now an established name in the industry in which they are! Are you looking for an antique fireplace, a natural stone floor, herringbone floor or hand-cut fireplace? At De Opkamer you can find what you are looking for. The expertise and passion of Michel and Carola ensure that you enter with the right feeling and also go outside again! The friendly atmosphere in the showroom ensures that everyone gets a good feeling while enjoying a cup of coffee. They take the time for every customer and ensure that the customers are helped to their satisfaction.

Our Team

Our small close team consists of 10 skilled people. Because we employ these skilled people, we can ensure that the entire process from tender stage to delivery from door to door remains in house! Short lines ensure that communication remains strong and we can quickly switch with the customer. Customer satisfaction is very important to us!

Our team consists of:
Michel - Carola - Wil - Diana - Piotr - Raymond - Lars - Sjors - Bram - Kai