Are you looking for a unique antique marble floor?

Do you want to give a different look to your floor? We have special floors in our collection, including old white marble floor tiles. These are exclusive natural stone floorings. The antique white marble floor tiles are often made of Italian carrara marble. We collect the finest marble floors and travel throughout Europe for this.

Looking for a unique floor? De Opkamer is glad to serve you and give you advice and has a wide range of unique products. For more information, ask for the possibilities and call: (0031) 162 681522 or mail to:

A little history

In the past, this kind of marble floors often occurred in palaces, monasteries and churches. White marble is widely used for floor and wall coverings. These 18th century hand cut Carrara marble floor tiles are hand cut and therefore each tile is unique. Each tile has its own color nuance. Ranging from bright white to different shades of gray.

About De Opkamer

At De Opkamer you are at the right address for various natural stone floors, but also for antique fireplaces and other building antiques. We were founded in 2000 and in almost 20 years we have become an established name in the industry in which we operate. Passion, drive and expertise is what we stand for. For example, we have travelled through various countries in Europe and sourced out the most beautiful floors and fireplaces. You are welcome to visit our showroom!

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Are you looking for a beautiful antique flooring? De Opkamer is happy to provide you with this. To discuss the possibilities or to request for a quote, you can contact us without obligation. This can be done by telephone at the following telephone number: (0031) 162 681522 or send an email to, you will receive a message from us as soon as possible.