Antique Dalles de Bourgogne

Reclaimed Dalle de Bourgogne is an antique French limestone flooring from the famous Burgundy region in France. Starting from the late 17th- 18thcentury, local artisans sourced their floorings from the limestone quarries in the Bourgogne region of France. At that time, the hard limestone had to be split by hand. Due to this hand hewn technique, the reclaimed slabs traditionally varies in size.
De Opkamer has a beautiful collection of antique French limestone flooring slabs that have been reclaimed, rescued and salvaged from ancient buildings, bastilles, chateaux and manor houses across France.
The antique Dalle de Bourgogne or Pierre de Bourgogne are very hard limestone floorings in warm brown-cream, sand and grey tones. Due to its density it is suitable for any interior or exterior use. Centuries-long wear and tear have produced beautiful time-worn edges and gently scarred surfaces. These antique stone slabs remain extremely durable, enhanced with a dramatic worn patina and heavily pitted making each floor a stunning, timeless work of art in your home. This variation in random size, color, unique patina and texture is what makes these reclaimed French limestone so unique.
Each week we travel across France to source the finest selection of  slabs of Dalles de Bourgogne providing our clients with the highest quality. We ship these original (up to 8”thick) heavy stone slabs to our workshop and cuts off the antique surface as our 1st cut. All our antique French limestone slabs are cut down to a thickness of 3cm (1 1/4”) for ease of shipping and installation. This first cut is the most valued which we export to the USA including wooden boxes for safe shipping. Every week we export to architects and interior designers across the globe for decorating high-end projects. Feel free to request an offer for front-door delivery to your home. Or visit our warehouse to see our 1500 m2 stock of antique Dalles de Bourgogne and enjoy our great coffee!!