Are you looking for a custom-made fireplace?

Do you want atmosphere and warmth in your living room? Consider a limestone fireplace that can be made in any size. De Opkamer can deliver any size of custom-made fireplaces you want. We offer a beautiful collection of hand-cut fireplaces in various styles and types. Are you looking for a fireplace in Louis XV style or rather in Campagnarde style or something more modern? Take a look at our website to see all our custom-made fireplaces! 

Are you looking for a fireplace that can be made in any size? We are happy to serve you.
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Buying a custom-made fireplace!

In the past, homes were mainly heated by a fireplace. Today, a hand-made fireplace or antique fireplace is something that provides more cosiness and atmosphere in a room. De Opkamer offers various fireplaces:

The fireplaces were often made of stone that was available in the area. Certainly limestone was a widely used natural stone. De Opkamer offers fireplaces in various styles, from Louis XV style to Campagnarde or Versailles. All these custom-made fireplaces give a lot of atmosphere and warmth to an interior.

About De Opkamer

De Opkamer has been around since 2000. We are a supplier of custom-made mantels, antique fireplaces, natural stone floors and other reclaimed antiques. In our industry we now have an established name. Behind the scenes there is an enthusiastic team of passionate employees who are happy to assist you with their expertise. 

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