Project Beek en Donk

At this beautiful renovated house we have laid several floors. In the hall is the aged Belgian hard stone floor 'La Bourse' and in the kitchen is the belgian hard stone floor 'Authentique'. Two floors of Belgian bluestone, but with a completely different look. In the living room we also have placed an attractive gray marble fireplace.

Project Made

At this farm we have laid the belgian sweetened hard stone floor over the entire floor. The floor provides unity and has a beautiful authentic look. This floor is available in various types and sizes.

Project Rijkevorsel (B)

In March 2018 I was allowed to take pictures of a beautiful farm in Rijkevorsel - Belgium, whose bricks on the outside have been paid for. At this farm we have placed an antique fireplace in the living room, Burgundian dalles laid in the kitchen, hall, office and bathroom and our beautiful authentic wooden floor from the L'authentique series placed in the living room and upstairs. The owner has arranged the interior in such a way that everything is nicely attuned to each other. A beautiful home !!

Project Lekkerkerk

This farm has been beautifully renovated. The residents have extended the country style in every detail! We have been able to supply two beautiful floors for this beautiful project. In the kitchen we laid our Belgian hard stone floor La Bourse and in the living room, hall and utility room we laid the aged wooden plank floor. The whole has become beautiful!

Project Kalmthout

For this authentic farm, the customer wanted matching old materials. In consultation, we came out on the beautiful aged wooden floor, antique fireplace and braised tiles that fit perfectly with the style of the house. We have laid the wooden floors on the entire ground floor and upstairs. In the bathroom they have chosen our very beautiful authentic Burgundy Dalles. A beautiful whole!