Export within NL

We keep deliveries within the Netherlands as much as possible in our hands. We have our own truck that ensures that we can deliver shipments throughout the Netherlands. We also have good transport partners who help us with this. Together with these people, we ensure that deliveries are always notified in advance to our customers. The packaging of tile floors is done carefully by pallet wrapping so that they can not slide. Our antique fireplaces are transported in custom-made crates with the necessary materials so that they are firmly secured in the crate.

Export within Europe

Many customers who order a chimney or floor via our website live abroad. We have been shipping a lot of transports year-round to Austria, Germany, Sweden, the UK, France and Belgium, among others. The products we supply are handled withe care by us, so it is very important that they are both properly transported and properly packaged. We pay a lot of attention to this.

Export worldwide

We have many deliveries overseas, especially for Australia and the USA. These always go by boat. It is important that the documents for export are okay. For this we have found reliable and good partners who arrange all the export and customs documents for us. As soon as the transport is ready, we call the carrier and the transport is picked up with a truck. This truck goes directly to Rotterdam, after which the transport on a sea container goes to the destination.