Are you looking for reclaimed tiles?

Do you want another floor? Think of old tiles. These tiles are timeless and user-friendly and give character to your floor. French tiles are still popular and you see them a lot in France, but also in Mallorca and of course in The Netherlands. The old terracotta floors are released during the renovation or demolition of old French farms and old houses. The charm of the old tiles is their typical shade of terracotta tones.

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Purchase old tiles!

De Opkamer has a large stock of old French terracotta tiles and antique tiles. These old tiles from France are ready to lay on the floor. View our range on our website.

Suitable for every interior

Why choose these French old tiles? We summarize the benefits.

  • Low maintenance. Occasionally washing is enough
  • Floor with a rich history and story
  • The floor becomes more beautiful the longer it lies
  • Available in many designs, colors and sizes
  • Extremely suitable for floor heating
  • Fits in every interior
  • Durable and timeless

About De Opkamer

De Opkamer has been around since 2000. We are a supplier of antique fireplaces, natural stone floorings, terracotta tiles, reclaimed floorings and antiques. In our industry, we have really grown into an established name. Behind the scenes there is an enthusiastic team of passionate employees who are happy to assist you with their expertise and experience. Come and visit our attractive showroom in Made. We are happy to discuss your ideas while enjoying a good cup of coffee!

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