Export to Spain

Recently, we exported 200 m2 of antique burgundy dalles to Spain. We have regular transporters who take care of our transport worldwide. Here are a few pictures of the unsealed crates up to and including loading in the truck and ready for shipment.

Old bricks!

Recently we have bought a beautiful batch of old bricks, about 10.000 pieces! These unique hand-made bricks have a size of 14.5 x 3.5 cm and are gray smothered. These bricks are refractory stones and are often used for brickwork within a fireplaces. It is an exclusive and authentic stone that comes into its own very well in any form of brickwork!

Hard stone steps

Recently we have removed these beautiful Belgian stone steps from a historic building in Brussels. These steps radiate nostalgia and authenticity and are about 200 years old! We will show you a report of what is possible with these steps. At our shed in Made we built these steps and you can view them in real life. Definitely worth it!!

Blue stone dales from Nivelles

De Opkamer has a wonderful fate of old reclaimed Belgian hard stone floors. In Belgium these antique floors are often called old blue stone floors or old bluestone dales. In January 2018 we received a beautiful lot of blue stone dales of exceptional quality from an old monastery from Nijvel. The size of the old blue stone dales is 55 cm x 55 cm. In total currently more than 330 m2 available. The old blue stone floors are characterized by their beautiful subtle color and the worn surface with countless imperfections.