Looking for a Belgian Bluestone Floor?

Do you want to have a new floor for your house and you like floorings made of natural stone? You are at the right address at De Opkamer. We are specialized in antique Belgian Bluestone floors. Our southern neighbors also call these floors 'Arduin' or 'bluestone slabs'. The stone that is used for these floors contains various imperfections, as well as a subtle color shade. We manually do the aging of the tiles. The techniques we apply to the rock provide an authentic and distinctive floor.

Wanted an antique Belgian hard stone floor? You buy the most beautiful and authentic natural stone floors at De Opkamer! Take a look at our offer. For more information, please contact us by calling (0031) 162 681522.

Wide range of hard stone floors

In addition to the antique Belgian hard stone floor, De Opkamer also offers various other natural stone floorings. In our collection you will find the following floors:

These are all exclusive floors, which are difficult to obtain. At De Opkamer you pay a very competitive price per square meter for the floors. We carefully disassemble the floors at the location where we buy them. The floor is then transported to our workshop. Here we clean the floor and store it in format.

About De Opkamer

At De Opkamer you are at the right address for various natural stone floors, including an antique Belgian stone floor, but also antique fireplaces and other building antiques. We were founded in 2000 and in almost 20 years we have grown to become an established name in the industry in which we operate. Passion, drive and expertise is what we stand for. For example, we have traveled through various countries in Europe in search of the most beautiful floors and fireplaces. Take a look at this in our showroom in made! We would like to help you with your wishes and discuss them while enjoying a nice cup of coffee or tea.

Contact us for more information!

Are you looking for a beautiful antique Belgian bluestone floor? De Opkamer will be happy to provide you with this. To discuss the possibilities or to request a razor-sharp quote, you can contact us without obligation. This can be done by telephone at the following telephone number: (0) 162-681522. Or send an email to info@de-opkamer.nl, you will receive a message from us as soon as possible.