Are you looking for an antique trough?

We are regularly searching in Europe, and in particular France, for building antiques! Old natural stone troughs and Belgian hard stone sinks are wonderful to use in the garden or as a piece of furniture for the bathroom. A trough was very often used as a feeding trough. We have various types and sizes of antique troughs in stock in both French limestone and Belgian hard stone.

Do you want to purchase an antique trough? We are happy to serve you. For more information about the possibilities, please call De Opkamer: (+31 (0)162 681522. Feel free to request a quote!

Buy an antique trough?

Those who love national and carateristic products are very welcome to visit our showroom and storage warehouse. We regularly have new acquisitions of old troughs, washbasins, stone steps or garden ornaments!
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About De Opkamer

De Opkamer has been around since 2000. We are a supplier of antique fireplaces, natural stone floors and other building antiques. In our industry, we have really grown into an established name. Behind the scenes there is an enthusiastic team of passionate employees who are happy to assist you with their expertise. Come and visit our showroom in Made. We are happy to discuss your ideas while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee!