Burgundian slabs are exclusive natural stone tiles made of French limestone. These limestone floors and sandstone tiles are mined from quarries, after which the surface is finished in a traditional manner. The French floors are also known as Dalles de Bourgogne or Pierre de Bourgogne. Typical of the French Burgundian valley is the beautiful quality, the unique color and texture. Burgundian slabs are therefore exclusive and have the property to be durable. Burgundian slabs are made more beautiful every year by use in your living room or kitchen. De Opkamer is specialised in these exclusive floors and there are more than 10 beautiful Burgundian floors in our showroom.

Our French Burgundian venues Vieux Manoir are beautifully aged and can be delivered in all sizes. We think that the limestone floor in 60 cm wide paths is very nice but a pure wild bandage is also very beautiful.