This very unique antique marble fireplace is made from the Italian marble type Blue turquin. This Italian type of marble is extracted from the quarries of the Apuan Alps, such as Carrara, where it is called Bardiglio Carrara. It can also be found in other careers in Sardinia and the Alps. This natural resource has been exploited since Roman times (1st century BC). It was mainly used for bathtubs and floors. In the 18th century this marble was again in fashion. It was used in the manufacture of commodes under the reign of Kings Louis XV and Louis XVI. Because blue is a cool color, it was later appreciated during the styles Directoire and Empire as a reference to classical antiquity. Blue is hard to find in nature, so thanks to the rare color it was used in decorations. A very nice fireplace with a beautiful shape and 3 scallops in the style of Louis XV!