Antique church dalles, old castle floors, Oude Basecles, antique abbey floors, old church floors and antique church tiling. All names for the original antique church dalles. De Opkamer has, through the demolition and recuperation of old churches, a beautiful stock of antique church dalles. The church dalles are often called Basècles (Basecles) in Belgium. These capped bluestone church tiles have a very nice lived surface, wonderful for restorations with authentic materials. Our antique church dalles are 40 x 40 cm and cleaned one by one. The church galleries are exceptionally beautiful in quality.

The old church chapels were formerly cut from Noir de Mazy (noir de Masy) or Basecles (noir de Basècles) or Maasland limestone. These stone types are all matt black in color with relatively few fossils. These antique exclusive floors are even harder than the antique church rooms of bluestone or blue stone from Hainaut.