Reclaimed Belgian Bluestone

Antique Belgian bluestone floorings are considered as one of the best construction materials in Europe. It is widely used in Belgium and the Netherlands as flooring for indoors as outdoors in public buildings, churches, malls, market places and sidewalks that had to withstand heavy foot traffic.
For 20 years De Opkamer has been specializing in sourcing and dismantling the antique Belgian bluestone floors. Reclaimed Belgian bluestone floorings give character and authenticity to your home. It is also beautifully used in combination with limestone and the antique French oak flooring.
Belgian bluestone is a limestone that is characterized by its blue-gray color with fossils. The limestone is also called peti-granit or bluestone from Hainaut.
The reclaimed floorings of Belgian bluestone are characterized by a distressed authentic surface with a beautiful color, soft dimpled and a timeworn surface with perfect imperfections.
The original old floors can be recognized by the thickness of the floor tiles and edges. The thicknesses of the floor tiles are approximately 4” to 6”cm thick and the edges are often still obliquely curved.
Every year it is more difficult to find old blue stone floors but sometimes beautiful lots of old bluestone floors are released during the demolition or restoration of old churches and government buildings such as hospitals and town halls in the historic Belgian inner cities of Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp and Brussels.
De Opkamer disassembles the Belgian hard stone floors carefully on location. The old floor tiles are often still in the sand which makes disassembly relatively easy. Then we transport the antique floor tiles to our workshop where we clean the floors and store them according to size.
The original antique floorings are often 4’’ to 6” thick. If you wish, we can cut back the original floors with a large diamond disc to 1” for easier installation.
Used as a building material for centuries due to their strength and durability, Belgian bluestone flooring can withstand frost and rainy climates for outside paving and installed over floor heating for interior installations.
We export these antique natural floorings to architects and interior designers across the globe for decorating high-end projects. 
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