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Our showroom will be closed on Saturday July 6 and July 13! Our showroom will be open again on Saturday, July 20 and you are very welcome!

Our office is open from Tuesday, July 9 to Friday, July 12. We can be reached by telephone on: 0162 681522.

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Who We Are....

Welcome to De Opkamer, where heritage, history, and craftsmanship meet. We are a proud family-run business with an unwavering passion for preserving the charm of the past. For over 25 years, we are travelling across Europe, dedicated to sourcing and curating the most exquisite architectural antiques and building materials of European Heritage.

Our story began with a deep appreciation for the timeless beauty found in architectural antiques, historical buildings and antique fireplaces. Over the years, our dedicated team has scoured the picturesque landscapes of Europe, unearthing treasures that tell stories of eras long gone. These treasures include stunning antique fireplaces that radiate warmth and elegance, reclaimed natural stone floorings that exude authenticity, antique garden ornaments that breathe life into outdoor spaces, and French terracotta floorings and dalles de Bourgogne that lend a touch of rustic charm.

One of our true passions lies in the meticulous restoration and preservation of antique marble fireplaces, each a work of art in itself. These fireplaces carry with them the echoes of centuries past, adding a touch of grandeur to your home.

At De Opkamer, we are not just purveyors of exceptional antiques; we are custodians of history and champions of sustainable living. Our commitment to preserving and repurposing architectural gems aligns with our respect for the environment. We believe in giving new life to these materials, offering you a chance to own a piece of history while reducing your ecological footprint.

With our collection, you can transform your living spaces into havens of elegance, sophistication, and timelessness. Join us in celebrating the beauty of the past and let our handpicked treasures become a part of your home's narrative. Explore our offerings and embark on your journey to make history a part of your everyday life.

Reclaimed Natural Stone Flooring

Every three weeks we roam Europe smiling, while we are looking for architectural antiques and reclaimed natural stone building materials. In Belgium, we find beautiful antique Belgian bluestone floors, or we dismantle beautiful antique church floors or bluestone slabs from ancient monasteries.

We transport these exclusive stone floorings to our warehouses, where the antique slabs are cleaned and prepared to be sold. Antique Belgian bluestone floors are rare and hard to find nowadays. We therefore have also a beautiful collection of antiqued floors made of Belgian stone. These floors are aged by means of various processing techniques to obtain the authenticity and the character of original old natural stone floors.

Antique Marble Fireplace Mantels and Chimney Pieces

The most beautiful and exclusive antique fireplaces are predominantly sourced in France, Italy and Belgium. We have a beautiful collection of approximately 350 antique fireplaces in exclusive marbles, French limestone and Burgundy stone. Our antique marble mantles often date from the 18th and 19th century and are carved from old and rare marbles. In addition to exclusive marble fireplaces, we also have a wide choice of limestone fireplaces from France. Our antique fireplaces have a special diversity of styles, ranging from robust Renaissance fireplaces, antique marble fireplace in Pompadour style to richly decorated Louis XV fireplaces and rugged old castle fireplaces. We have a weak spot for simple and countryside Campagnarde fireplace surrounds ourselves. Take a look at this beautiful antique fireplace ...it just radiate authenticity. 

Custom-made Fireplaces

In addition to antique fireplaces, we can also provide custom fireplaces. Our stone carver in France is a specialist in chiseling and carving fireplaces out of French limestone. In our showroom, we are showcasing around thirty fireplace types, which can be carved especially for you in any desired dimensions.

Reclaimed Dalle de Bourgogne

In France, we source and reclaim unique antique floorings such as dalle de Bourgogne limestone floorings, 18th-century massive oak plank floors and antique terracotta floortiles.
Antique French limestone floorings from Bourgogne are the pinnacle of authenticity. De Opkamer have been specializing in sourcing and restoring these exclusive floors which are often called "Dalles de Bourgogne". These Burgundian flagstones are old limestone floors which sometimes emerge during the renovation or demolition of an old farm and they may be as thick as 10 to 15 cms. We generally saw the top layer (first layer) back to 3 cm thickness, so your tiler can perfectly lay your flooring.

Antique French Terracotta Tiles 

Since the start of our company we have been specialized in antique French terracotta floors. These beautiful reclaimed terracotta floortiles often have different names such as antique parfeuilles, tomettes or French tiles. In the olden days, these tiles were formed by hand out of local clay and then fired in traditional kilns. Reclaimed French tiles are characterized by their beautiful color palette of various reds and oranges. Sometimes we also have nice ancient white, grey or traditional terracotta tiles available.
Old Dutch terracotta tiles, the so-called estrikken, originate in the Netherlands. These antique tiles are available in two colors. In particular, the blue grey reduction fired terracotta tiles are very popular. These reduction fired floor tiles come in beautiful shades of blue and grey. In Belgium these old terracotta floor tiles are better known as blue reduction fired Boomse tiles or old black Boomse tiles.

Antique Building Materials

We offer a collection of beautiful old garden ornaments such as old troughs, antique wells and old steps. We also have a special collection of unique antique cast iron firebacks. There is always a large stock of old bricks, including hand shaped ijsselsteentjes, bricks made out of clay from the river IJssel, Boomse schouwklompjes bricks, and old paepsteen bricks.

We hope that our passion for our craft has raised your interest.

Kind regards,
De Opkamer

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Antique Fireplace
Antique Marble Fireplace
Antique Fireplace
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Antique Fireplaces
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European Architectural Antiques

Reclaimed materials
Antique building materials such as fireplaces, old oak plank floors and exclusive natural stone floors are the specialty of the Opkamer. These are often historic building materials that can be released from the recovery of old farmhouses, monasteries, historic farmhouses and churches and are essential for the restoration of your farm or your new home. 

The old floors we find range from natural stone floors Belgian bluestone, French terracotta tiles, old Dutch braised terracotta tiles, bluestone slabs, antique farm tiles and antique fireplaces of old French limestone and marble fireplaces.

In our collection we have also exclusive natural stone flooring availbable such as blue stone floors of Belgian bluestone, old church floors, antique Burgundy slabs, old bluestone floor tiles and old church dales.

Special Objects

Reclaimed Burgundy Floorings 
Antique black marble fireplace  
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Antique Marble Fireplace
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